• 1st Person
  • Horror Adventure
  • Non-Linear Story
  • RPG System
  • Non-Linear Game Progression System
  • Achieved with CryENGINE


About Game

Akolyta is first person horror adventure. The game is singleplayer story-based videogame that inovates non-linear story telling. The player will be able to find documents and audio logs in each level. These documents will reveal underlying story elements, however the player may progress without them. Progression is primarily achieved through the player completing puzzles. Our main character is a police chief, armed with a gun and a limited amount of ammunition. Due to the difficulty of the enemies and limited resources, a reckless strategy will ensure your demise.

Design Pillars

  • Emotional attachment to the characters
  • Episodic revealing of game mechanics
  • Ability to influence the story
  • A dark and depressive atmosphere
  • Intricate storytelling motivated by an expansive lore.

Game Mechanics

No Autoheal

You will need to be careful during your adventure and search for health kits to keep yourself alive.


As a detective, you will be equipped with a firearm. However, you won’t have infinite ammo and available resources will be based on the types of enemies you kill as well as your surroundings.


Another vital piece of equipment is your flashlight. It will allow you to search dark areas, particularly when there is no power. Using the flashlight will drain its batteries, which means you will need to conserve it for critical moments.

Documents & Audio Logs

As part of your investigation, your main task is to track the documents and audio records of your suspect. They will guide you through the story and give clues to help you progress.

The RPG System

Three Skill Tree Classes


  • Easier to find collectibles and resources
  • Able to detect the forward path
  • Puzzles become easier to solve
  • Increased chance to find flashlight batteries


  • Can aim without shake or blurred vision
  • Increased damage to enemies
  • Able to carry more ammo


  • Gain a partner that assists with your investigation
  • Partner can weaken enemies, warn that enemies are nearby and heal a portion of your health.

Episodic Storytelling

The story will be told in three episodes. Episode 1 will include basic RPG elements and the core game mechanics. Episodes 2 and 3 will expand the RPG elements as well as adding additional ones. The elements that are added and/or modified will be decided: a) Linearly – matching fixed story elements b) Non-Linearly – influenced by the player’s choices Modifying the game mechanics will help maintain interest through variety and progression.


We lowered the saturation in CryENGINE from its default of 0.8 to 0.25. This helped us achieve a more muted and foreboding environment for the player.

Depth of Field

We narrowed the depth of field to enhance the ominous atmosphere, instilling a sense of fear, uneasiness, and vulnerability. Our goal was to recreate the aesthetic from the first Silent Hill game, utilizing fog to narrow the player’s vision.


The story begins in 1945, following the end of WWII. The United States executed Operation Paperclip, which recruited German scientists and moved them to the USA. Among those scientists was Dr. Maximilian Vogel, who was assigned to the CIA upon his arrival. In 1963, Dr. Vogel was assigned as the chief scientist to Operation Blowed Torch, whose research focused on mind control. In 1964, CIA agent Richard J. Hamilton was assigned as the operation handler. The project was eventually canceled in 1965 after several accidents and constant disagreements between Hamilton and Dr. Vogel. Following its cancellation, Hamilton was suspended and the staff, including Dr. Vogel, were reassigned to MK Ultra. However, a few years later Dr. Vogel was suspended and forcibly retired, with unofficial sources claiming that he was continuing his work from Operation Blowed Torch. In 2001, the player, Marshall G. Prime, tells his story in his favorite bar, Brannigan’s, to a local newspaper reporter. His recollection of a series of murders that occurred in the 1990s occupy the majority of this game’s story. Marshall and his partner, Benjamin K. Black, are investigating these murders in the town of Gorenwille. During their investigation they begin to discover the work of Dr. Vogel, whose research seems to be connected to these events.





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